WELCOME to S D Bhalerao family

Strong Foundation
The success of a dynamic city like Mumbai truly depends on its effective overall development. To execute this vision, it is essential to build a strong foundation for the future.

Welcome to S. D. Bhalerao Constructions Pvt. Ltd., a company that believes in this ethos. Founded in 1991 with a dynamic vision for the future, the company has carved a niche for itself in the industry. Engaged in property construction and housing development across Mumbai, S. D. Bhalerao Constructions Pvt. Ltd specializes in quality Redevelopment Projects.

Bhalerao Team

Using a balanced approach that explores the possibilities within design and function, our team of engineers has made every project successful.

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S. D. Bhalerao group has been instrumental in redefining the concept of living in Mumbai and Thane for the past two decades.

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The Future

The Bhalerao Group has set a BENCHMARK and has specialized in REDEVELOPMENT at Mumbai and Thane. As a futuristic approach we have set our sights on development of Energy Efficient Homes. These will eventually elevate the lifestyle of a family and reduce maintenance costs. The following projects adhere to our credentials so far and for future.

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